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Personal Accident
In the event of Accidental Death 5,000 or Permanent Disablement 20,000.

Medical and Emergency Expenses
Expenses incurred as a result of injury or illness and other expenses consequent upon the use of the Emergency Service, accommodation and additional travel costs incurred by you, a relative/friend required to travel and/or remain with you as a result of your death, serious injury or serious illness.

In the event of death, charges for the burial or cremation aboard or the cost of transport of body or ashes to the United Kingdom up to 5,000.

Additional Hospital Benefit
15 for each complete 24 hours in hospital abroad.

Loss of Deposit or Cancellation
In the event of your death, injury or pregnancy or of any person travelling with you; death serious injury or serious illness of a close relative or close business associate or person travelling with you; jury service, attendance as a witness, compulsory quarantine, redundancy under the Redundancy Act(s), fire theft storm or flood at your home when requested to remain by the Fire/Police Authorities.

Proportional return of the cost of the holiday or journey and additional travelling expenses following curtailment by return to the United Kingdom necessitated by (i) your death, serious injury or serious illness or of any person with whom you are travelling or of a close relative or close business associate (ii) due to fire theft storm or flood at your home when requested to return by the Fire/Police Authorities.

Delayed Departure
If your departure is delayed for at least twelve hours due to strike/industrial action, adverse weather conditions or mechanical breakdown of the aircraft, train or sea vessel, the Company will pay either 20 for the first full twelve hours delay and 10 for each full twelve hours delay thereafter up to 100, or for Contracted holiday/travel costs following cancellation of the holiday/journey up to 3,000.

Personal Luggage including Money and Valuables (Optional)
In the event of loss or damage to (i) Clothing and personal effects, suitcases, (ii) Personal Money, (iii) Valuables (jewellery, furs, watches, articles made of or containing precious metals or stones, mobile telephones, sports or leisure equipment, musical instruments, binoculars, electronic games, audio, video, photographic or computer equipment including any ancillary equipment or accessories. Limits (i) Money 500, Cash limited to 250 (ii) Valuables 250 (iii) Personal Luggage, Clothing and Personal Effects 1,000 (iv) any one article or pair or set of articles 200.

Delayed Personal Luggage (Optional)
If your personal luggage is lost for longer than twelve hours on the outward journey the Company will pay up to 100 for the purchase of essential items of clothing or requisites.

Missed Departure
Additional accommodation and travelling expenses incurred on your outward journey from the UK as a result of (i) strike, mechanical breakdown or adverse weather, causing interruption of scheduled public transport services (ii) accident or mechanical failure of your vehicle causing you to arrive at an international point of departure in the United Kingdom too late to catch the aircraft/sea vessel.

Loss of Passport
Additional travel and accommodation expenses incurred abroad in obtaining a replacement UK passport.

Personal Liability
The cost of claims being made against you as a private individual for bodily injury, illness or disease to any person or loss or damage to their property, your liability for damage to a rented holiday home but excluding the first 100 of each claim.

Legal Expenses
Costs and expenses incurred to pursue a claim for compensation and/or damage following personal injury or death excluding claims against an insurer.

Plus 24 Hour Medical Emergency assistance from Mercury International Assistance

Whilst every care has been taken with the information in this document, only the main terms and conditions can be shown. A full specimen policy is available on request.

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